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 Ruff Enuff are three musicians that grew up in the same neighborhood and have been friends for over ten years. They hit the stage as a three piece act and bring to you songs of truths, tales, stories, and feelings. They come bringing you electric guitar pickin’ (Robert), upright bass slappin’ (Steve),  rhythmic acoustic guitar (Ric), and a range of vocals.  What do they sound like?  It’s a question they get all of the time, but the answer is always the same; “We sound... just rough enough.” At its core foundation, Ruff Enuff is a modern day traditional trio with influences of (neo)-rockabilly, outlaw country, jazz, punk, rock n roll, Mexican folk, and so on.

 In 2015 they joined with Loaded Bomb Records to release a small demo EP titled “Loaded”, of which included 6 songs of early and newer material. Shortly after an EP made its debut (2016), ‘Act 1: The Story of Two.’  A story written by all three, each singing about their tales in 6 songs with 1 instrumental. in 2019 they released their first full length album titled, 'In between anchors and stars.' with 13 songs coming at you for your listening pleasure!


 So what’s next?  Shows in the works, new material, and a good time to be had in a city near you!

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